2021 Rosters

THE BASEBALL PRAYER God grant me wisdom to tell a strike from a ball, to know where to throw, and never to fall. Keep me always in the baseline, running straight and true and I will look for your sign to stretch one into two.

God give me vision to see every pitch, so if a player needs help; then I will see which. Let me always hustle, so I’ll be at my best, and take pride in myself, in sports and the rest.

God be my strength when I throw the ball, when I’m far from home plate, or against a wall. So I never miss a base, please guide my feet, bring me home safely so my job is complete. When I help young players, let me always give praise so they’ll see you in me, in all of my ways.

God please guide our Coach, to be fair and smart, to teach us to be good, let it come from his heart. Let me take a loss, just as well as a win, to do any less, is surely a sin. As long as I can play, let me make my parents proud, as proud as I am when they yell my name out loud. However my games end, let me always have fun, and if Heaven has All Stars, I want to be one. When my games are over and my seasons are done, let me play on your team, just like your Son.
1Anthony AvalosShortstop2023
2Ethan StaleyPitcher2021
3Carter AllenCatcher2021
4Isaac GarciaPitcher2021
5Daniel Ontiveres3rd Base / Pitcher2024
6Cameron PonceOutfield2021
7Cain LandryOutfield 2021
8Caden FerraroPitcher2023
9Robert PatrickPitcher2021
10Conner DeLeon3rd Base2021
11Rhett BynumPitcher2021
12Graysen PutnamPitcher2021
13Garrett CoinerPitcher2022
14Brett SmajstrlaOutfield2023
15Seth DavisPitcher2021
16Logan Scott2nd Base2022
20Josh FloresPitcher2021
21Mark ZapataPitcher2022
22Jordan BelinPitcher2021
28Jake Mader-Cooper2nd Base / Pitcher2024
Junior Varsity
1Damian LandryShortstop2024
2Ethan O’DonleyPitcher2022
4Andrew StanalandOutfield2022
5Justin OgleCatcher2023
7Jaiden Rodriguez2nd Base2023
8Jace CacerasCatcher2023
9Franco AguilarOutfield2023
10Matt LealOutfield2023
12Blaine BirkelbachPitcher2023
13Brock Chiappetta1st Base2023
15Isaiah Castaneda3rd Base / Pitcher2024
16Lane LoughlinOutfield2023
17Jaxon CoanPitcher2024
18Ryler SmartPitcher2024
19Spencer SmithPitcher2023
27Tyler GrafPitcher2024
1Braedon Morse2nd Base2023
2Trey BaumannShortstop2023
4Taft Hunter2nd Base2023
6Gavin LopezPitcher2024
10Adrian GarciaOutfield / Pitcher2024
12Bubba MoyaOutfield / Pitcher2024
15Jaden Barfield1st Base / Pitcher2024
17Coen GonzalesCatcher2024
18Ryan Basso3rd Base2023
20Hayden Boyd2nd Base2024
22Jimmy Bowden1st Base / Pitcher2023
26Jessie RupertPitcher2023
27Jacob MarekCatcher2023
-Tony BarcelonaCatcher2024